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That's me - Iris Dregnat

My name is Iris Dregnat and I am a media designer and front-end developer.
I was born the 30th of december 1990 in Rostock, Germany.
In march 2015 I finished my Bachelor degrees in Intermedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany. In addition to my Bachelor I currently am enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria, in the masters program Multimediaart.

I can come off quite cold but in truth I am a curious and (fun-)loving person, who can be a great addition to any team.
I love drawing, design and coding. During school time I taught myself how to make Flash-games. Seeing numbers turn "alive" makes me happy.
Several people already pointed out my very German accent and my rather stereotypical character (Even though I do like to believe that I have humour anyway).

Quick facts

'90 Born in 1990

Rostock Child of the coast

Twin Twin

M.A. Master of Arts

design Designer

design Frontend developer

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Special powers

Various abilities enrichen my performance

I tried several different disciplines over the last years, which got me to the rather broad skill set I can offer nowadays. I tried film making, animation, motion graphics, game development, slackline, juggling, 3d modeling, learning various languages - like japanese, icelandic and slovenian, pilates and so much more! At some I fail, at some I show promise.

The following overview is a list of the skills I find mentionable.
Regarding the software usages I just cover the common ones, as I usually adapt quickly to other software anyway and listing all programs I know how to use more or less would be too much. Some other tools are Processing, Sublime Text, Scala Preview, Wordpress, Typo3, Drupal, Dacoda, Firebug, Dropbox, Commandline, Xampp, Wamp, Sass, Compass, Notism, Mockingbird, Balsamiq and Google tools.

Language skills

german Muttersprache

Level C1
english Fluent

Level A2
french Un peu

Software skills
    Adobe Suite
  • Photoshop

    Advanced knowledge

  • Illustrator

    Advanced knowledge

  • InDesign

    Advanced knowledge

  • After Effects

    General knowledge

  • Premiere

    Some knowledge

  • Edge Animate

    General knowledge

  • Flash

    General knowledge

  • Experience Design

    General knowledge

    Office Suite
  • Word

    Advanced knowledge

  • Excel

    General knowledge

  • Draw

    Advanced knowledge

  • Access

    Some knowledge

My six main social strengths

teamwork Teamwork

communication (intercultural) Communication

adaptable Adaptable & flexible

dependable Dependable

ambitious Ambitious

creative Creative

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My siblings are one of my best buddies!

As a child I was rather outgoing. During teenager times I discovered the fascinating world of Pixels and rather stuck to the screen. Sega Megadrive and Nintendo Gameboy were my favorite spare time acitivites! Nowadays I still love Pixels but I managed to create a balanced livestyle so I seek nature in the way of hiking or other outdoor acitivities.

In general I am fond of animals, especially small, fluffy cute ones. Insects on the other hand make me cringe. As a little child I had a traumatizing experience and ever since then spiders are one of my biggest fears.

Mentionable interessts:

hiking Hiking

gameboy Nintendo products

design Design & Drawing

coding Coding

fluffy cute animals Cuteness

no spiders No spiders!

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Started out so small, and while my height did not grow so much, my experience did.

Multimediaart (M.A.) Studyat the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria

1st September 2015 - 20th January 2018

Screendesign Screendesign Interaction design User experience and interaction design

rostock Salzburg, Austria

Internshipat effektor in Hamburg, Germany

11th May 2015 - 10th August 2015

Print design Print design webdesign Webdesign

rostock Hamburg, Germany

Internshipat Kosmos & Kaos in Keflavik, Iceland

1st March 2014 - 31st July 2014

webdesign Webdesign

rostock Keflavik, Iceland

Intermedia Design (B.A.) Studyat the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany

1st September 2011- 1st March 2015

User-Experience Design User experience design Game - & Playful Design Game and playful design Application design User interface design webdesign webdesign

Trier Trier, Germany

European Voluntary Serviceat Multimedia Center Pulsar in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

1st September 2011- 1st March 2015

teamwork Teamwork video production Video production webdesign Webdesign print design Print design event organisation Event organisation

skofja loka Skofja Loka, Slovenia

Volunteerat NIG e.V. in Rostock, Germany

1st September 2010 - 30th August 2011

teamwork Teamwork public relation Public relation print design Print design event organisation Event organisation

rostock Rostock, Germany
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Iris Dregnat

My name is Iris Dregnat and I am a designer by degree and talent.
I look forward to hear from you, may it be questions, freelance requests or just to say hello. What I greatly enjoy is positive feedback.

Feel free to get to check my abilities before contacting!

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